A FRONT-SEAT TO THE GREAT MIGRATION Laba Migration Camp offers a diverse range of activities to ensure guests take full advantage of having the rich African wilderness on their doorstep.

LABA Migration Camp is dismantled in six days, three times a year, to set down in the main migration zones where the animals are concentrated.

The intimate camp can accommodate up to 22 guests and employs 50 staff.

The 3 Mobil Campsites location and dates:

From November to March, the Southern

LABA Migration Camp located in the southern Serengeti, not far from the Ngorongoro Crater, in the Ndutu region.

From April to July, the Western

LABA Migration Camp located in Masabi, in the western Serengeti, from April 8 to July 31. This is the rutting season and the males are very active.

From August to November, the North

From August 6 to the end of November, the Camp located in northern most section of the Serengeti National Park.. Here you'll rub shoulders with the huge migrating herds, which can sometimes be up to 30 km long.

Welcome to the adventure of the Great Migration. Welcome to the heart of the East African wildlife spectacle.

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You will be assigned a private 4 x 4 vehicle, as well as an experienced personal guide.

Your first safari experience will be close to the camp, with a wide range of local landscapes and wildlife to discover the wildlife

In the days that follow, why not try the various walking safaris that we offer?

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This is an excellent way to fully immerse yourself in the surrounding nature and wildlife. You will be able to get up close and personal to the animals), which makes for a thrilling experience full of emotion.

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In Laba Migration Camp, you can make the most of our gym, with Technogym equipment for cardio and bodybuilding, as well as Eleiko for crossfit enthusiasts.

Like the rest of the camp, our gym has a magnificent view of the local landscape. Stay connected to nature at all moments.

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Balloon tour

Fly over the Serengeti on a balloon tour

Additional fees activities

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Olduvai archaeological site

The Olduvaï Gorge in Tanzania is one of Africa's most important prehistoric site complexes. They have yielded lithic tools and animal and human fossils ranging in age from 1.8 million years to 400,000 years BC.

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